I believe down to the core of who I am that we are all energy light beings.  We came here to fulfill a purpose an its our job to remember our divine blue print.  One of the greatest forms of energy healing that I have ever experienced and continue to experience on a daily basis is the crystal bed from the Casa de Dom Ignacio.  I have tried many forms of healing and quite frankly in my mind nothing compares to the crystal bed.  The crystal bed gave me back my life and that is the Gods honest truth.  Do I believe in miracles I am one.  I own a crystal bed and use it everyday. I wanted to heal my physical body so badly and I realized that I wasn’t going to heal unless I lifted up the rug and faced myself. Faced my inner demons and reconnected with my inner child.  Forgive myself and learn to love myself for me, not having to prove anything to anyone.  Accepting and acknowledging that I did the best I know how.  We are not perfect and life is meant to be lived not to merely exist.  When I made the commitment to my healing and myself my life changed.  All we are is energy find out where the block is and you will heal your body. The crystal bed was one of the most important factors in my healing journey.  I made a commitment to the Entities of Light that I would go under my bed everyday and my physical healing happened.

  The crystal bed, sometimes is also called an advanced chromotherapy machine is a spiritual treatment device using colored light beams focused at your energy meridians or your chakras through seven very pure Vogel quartz crystals.  Each crystal has been cut to a specific frequency and is aligned above one of the major energy centers, or chakras.  A light in the color of each chakra radiates healing energy through each crystal to the corresponding chakra.  The lights pulse in a specific vibration to clear, balance and align your energy centers. The best way I can explain what transpires under the bed is it moves you forward in ways that we cannot fully process or comprehend.  These are not my words, these are words by many who come and experience this at HeavenLee Float Spa.  Prior to coming set your intention.  I have come to realize that many people don’t know that setting your intention is.  What do u want out of your life?  Tell the universe but say it in a way that that your already have it. CREATE IT, BELIEVE IT, SEE IT, ACHIEVE IT!!!   The 2 most powerful words are I AM….. When you say I WANT you are telling the universe that you lack and the universe will continue to respond accordingly.

I believe that the crystal bed pushes us forward in our journey.  In order to heal our physical bodies often times we need to heal our emotional and spiritual bodies before our physical bodies can heal.  When you say yes to your healing you open up the portal or gateway to receive.  Everyone has their own unique experience under the crystal light bed.  Some have physical sensations of warmth or coolness, contractions or expansions, tingling or pressure.  Others report being touched or worked on as if someone were physically present in the room.  Some have reported visions of being taken to early life situations or past life experiences that are released and healed.  Others have had profound experiences that are transformational and can’t put them into words.  Simply relax, LET GO and SURRENDER, BE OPEN to receive the HEALING ENERGIES the ENTITES of LIGHT have to offer.